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Strong Sports Performance, LLC was set-up to house the business dealings for John Strong and his endeavors to enhance sports performance.


What's Up?

To date, the most promising development for Strong Sports Performance (SSP) has been the invention of the Strong Spot.  Please explore the website to learn more about it. The Strong Spot was featured in the Exhibitor area of this year's World Baseball Coaches Convention at the Mohegan Sun from January 9 - 12!  Thanks to those of you who came by and the many more that have made the month of January the highest trafficed month for this site yet!

Matt Cross in front of the Strong Spot

The Seasons

The Niagara County Community College season is gearing up.  We are in prime training time!  NCCC players have completed training to increase bat velocity on the Strong Spot swing trainer over the past two winters; last season they set a school record for homeruns!  Their pre/post results can be found below.  If you would like to see one of their best (recently signed by the Oakland A's, Catcher Matt Cross) in action, check out my latest promo...


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The Strong Spot Swing Training System


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Please contact me at (716)863-8370 or johnstrong@strongsportsperformance.com if you are interested in purchasing a single unit or discussing licensing. 

What Are Folks Saying About The Strong Spot


Matt Cross - Oakland A's minor league Catcher

"...turns a double into a home run, and fly outs into doubles...I feel my exit velo has gained a lot! You can get a lot stronger with it, the ball will travel a lot farther!"


SMART Clinic - School of Kinesiology & Recreation, Illinois State University

If you work with #baseball athletes, consider

checking out the Strong Spot! The device allows a

player to add resistance to a bat swing without

altering the mechanics of the movement by adding load to the ball or bat. Also, it doubles as an instructional tool by providing a visual and kinesthetic aid for players to know if their bat stays level throughout their swing. It's honestly nothing short of revolutionary .


Jim Poulous - Lancaster-Depew Travel Baseball Coach

The Strong Spot provides keys to improvement that made our organization look into purchasing this device. 

*paraphrased from actual conversation

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Introduction to the Strong Spot


This YouTube link provides information about how the Strong Spot works

CBS Story


CBS Sports actually came out to NCCC to find out more about this swing trainer! Take  a look at the story behind the success!



In a nut shell, this data demonstrates that hitters who consistently used the Strong Spot over a four month period increased their swing velocity approximately 6% in one off-season!

Zarley Cina Pre


In this short clip we see Cina swing fully through the device after having made several attempts at familiarizing himself with it...

Zarley Cina Post


In this clip we see the 6mph difference (87mph to now 93mph) that one off-season with the Strong Spot has produced!

Principles of Deliberate Practice


This is a link to a PHE America article on the principles that help explain why the Strong Spot can work for every player.  In short, only practice the things that you do in a game, everything else is extra work for little to no benefit.  

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2016-18 NCCC Data

The results of 15 players working with the Strong Spot during the off-season of 2016-17 in year one and 2017-18 in year 2...